Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It's about time I post an update on our progress. We have been busy gathering and organizing all the wonderful posts and essays that so many of you have submitted to the blog book. We still need quite a few more posts to start publishing and working on the layout. So I urge those of you who are supportive of this effort to send us some of your favorite blog posts from other bloggers- or perhaps contact your favorite bloggers and ask them to submit their posts. We are also looking for photography to include with your post. Particularly we really need a lot more posts about Ethiopia and your travel experience with photos.

Also, if any of you have children who would be willing to write an essay about Ethiopia or life in America or anything they want to write about, we would love to include these in the book as well. Siblings can also write an essay and share their experience with welcoming their new sibling into their lives. Children's perspectives can be extremely insightful, so it would be amazing to have them participate too.

Last but not least, we are looking for that special cover photo. It can be of your kids or from your trip to Ethiopia, perhaps even a wonderful drawing or painting that your adopted child has created showing your family together- we will consider any idea. Of course- we can only choose one, but we can definitely include others in the book.

So please help us gather more posts by recruiting your favorite bloggers or linking a post that you find particularly good and we can contact the blogger directly for permission.

Please send submissions and links to etadoptionstories@gmail.com.

Thanks so much to those of you who have already submitted your posts!

~ Charlotte